Radical Seafaring


About The Publication

Andrea Grover, with contributions by Sasha Archibald, Alexander Dumbadze, Christopher French, Dylan Gauthier, and Terrie Sultan

First published in 2016 by the Parrish Art Museum and Delmonico Books●Prestel

152 pages, $49.95

This exciting and multifaceted book makes a direct connection between today’s seafaring art and performance pieces of the 1960s and ’70s. Bringing together artistic expressions that take place on bodies of water, this book connects contemporary creative explorations at sea with works by Land, Environmental, and Conceptual artists. Among the artists included are Atelier Van Lieshout, Ant Farm, Chris Burden, Michael Combs, Mark Dion, Buckminster Fuller, Marie Lorenz, Robert Smithson, Simon Starling, and Swoon. Featured projects tackle subjects as diverse as freedom from the law of the land, Utopian impulses, and seaborne laboratories and studios. Three contributed essays make crucial connections between projects, expounding on the larger idea of water as a frontier to be explored and a valuable resource that is at once dangerous and life-affirming.