• Keith Sonnier Until Today

  • Keith Sonnier (American, born 1941), Shmoo - O.G.V. , 2013 (Elysian Plain Series). Neon, acrylic, aluminum, electrical wire, transformer, 131 x 92 1/2 x 4 inches. Courtesy of the Artist and Pace Gallery, New York. Photograph: © Caterina Verde.

  • Keith Sonnier (American, born 1941), Cycladic Extrusion I, 1988. Aluminum, neon tubing, electrical wire, and transformer, 73 1/2 x 73 3/8 x 42 1/2 inches. Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, New York, Gift of Barbara Bertozzi Castelli in honor of Dorothy Lichtenstein, 2009.2

Keith Sonnier: Until Today


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Jeffrey Grove, with essays by Martin Filler and Katie Pfohl, and a conversation with the artist by Terrie Sultan

First published in 2018 by the Parrish Art Museum and DelMonico Books • Prestel

132 pages, $39.95

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