• Fairfield Porter: Raw

Fairfield Porter: Raw
The Creative Process of an American Master


About The Publication

Author: Klaus Ottmann, Parrish Art Museum Adjunct Curator of the Collection

First published in 2010 by the Parrish Art Museum

96 pages, $29.95

An accessible and highly illustrated survey of the key developments in the career of this major post-war American realist painter (1907-1975), whose studio was based in Long Island’s East End. It features approximately 40 works drawn from the Parrish Art Museum’s extensive holdings of his works, given by Porter’s widow to the Parrish after his death in 1975. In addition to important paintings and works on paper, the Parrish collection includes an unusually large number of works in a less finished state, including some unstretched paintings on canvas and a large number of paintings on boards. Fairfield Porter: Raw presents, for the first time, many of these unfinished paintings and accompanying sketches, drawings, paintings on board and ephemera in their raw” (unframed) state, offering an unprecedented insight into the creative process of an artist.