All works: Mixed media collages by Mary McCleary (American, born 1951)

Allegory of the Senses, 2002. 48 x 72 7/8 inches. Collection of Mary McCleary and Jerry Sutton, Nacogdoches, Texas

Tower, 2011. 64 x 46 inches. Collection of Daniel Cuellar and Stephen Pappan, Dallas

Who are Those Investigators, the Pair That Solved the Mysteries in Story Books?, 2013 60 x 66 inches. Collection of Jeff Kremer, Dallas

Fiat Lux, 2014. 30 1/8 x 44 inches. Collection of Laurie and Todd Lonergan, Houston

The Clouds Grew So Dense, She Couldn’t See, 2015. 22 7/8 x 30 5/8 inches. Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, TX

Telling the Bees, 2017. 48 x 37 inches. Collection of Kathy and George Britton, Houston

Thoreau’s Fire, 2017. 22 x 30 inches. Collection of Thomas and Jeanne Campbell, Dallas

Departures, 2019. 22 x 30 inches. Collection of Lynn Goode and Harrison Williams, Houston