• Installation view: Parrish Perspectives, Brian Gaman: Vanishing Point at the Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, New York, March 13–April 24, 2016. Photo: Gary Mamay

Parrish Perspectives: Brian Gaman
Vanishing Point

March 13–April 24, 2016

Parrish Perspectives is a series of concentrated exhibitions that offers the Museum opportunities to respond spontaneously and directly to unique ways of thinking about art, artists, and the creative process.

Beginning in the mid-1970s Brian Gaman embarked on a highly personal exploration on the nature and process of seeing. His ambiguous sculptures rest on the border between industrial cast-offs and intricate, almost magical machines. Enigmatic, large-scale works on paper suggest physical form that has somehow evaporated into the mist. In all his work, Gaman sought to express a visual language that is seductive and unknowable. Fleeting and captivating, Gaman’s art implies that emotionally compelling meaning can be teased from even the simplest of visual gestures. Vanishing Point features a survey selection of the artist’s signature series, giving Museum visitors a portal into his creative process.

Brian Gaman: Vanishing Point is made possible, in part, by the generous support of Elizabeth Segerstrom, Lionel Sanders and Teddi Berger, John Alex, Claudia Camozzi and Terry Kemper, Susan Dunne / Pace Gallery, Bob and Lynn Lipman, Linda and Steven Miller,  Nicholas Sands, Amy Wolf and John Hatfield, Dietl International, Natalie Gliedman, Rachael Horovitz, Shoji and Tsuneko Sadao, Robert Sundheimer, Barbara Starr, and Leah Sanders.

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