Films & Talk: BOYS DO CRY

Still from Honey Bee by Jack Kendrick

BOYS DO CRY, guest curated by filmmaker Jack Kendrick, is a showcase of works by an international group of young filmmakers from the NYU Graduate Film Program that engage with emotionally charged moments in the lives of adolescent males. From confronting parents who are gone or omnipresent to handling peer pressure, falling in love, feeling alienated, and dealing with death, the coming-of-age stories examine the emotions and behavior of boys and young men at pivotal life moments or times of personal crisis. 

We live in a culture in which division and sectarian impulses have come to define the dialogue on our most complex issues. 2018 has inspired heightened consciousness regarding gender politics and what it means to be a woman but examining these issues must go hand in hand with the question: What role will boys play in shaping the social fabric of the 21st century?

TALK: The screening will be followed by a conversation with Kendrick, Corinne Erni, Senior Curator of ArtsReach and Special Projects, and some of the filmmakers.

The films include:

I Was In Your Blood (2017), Directed by Joseph Sackett (USA), 7:30 min. A young boy falls in love with his babysitter. 

Man of The House (2017), Directed by Jall Cowasji (India), 10:27 min. Comedy and drama collide when a father tries to discipline his unruly child.

Honey Bee (2017), Directed by Jack Kendrick (USA), 10:34 min. A recent college graduate comes home to cut the umbilical cord.

Get Out Fast (2017), Directed by Haley Elizabeth Anderson (USA), 13:26 min. 15-year-old Trey remembers his best friend Coyote Boy, a free-living train-hopper who has gone missing.

Corazón Dormido (2017), Directed by Alejandro Miyashiro (Mexico), 10:52 min. Javi and his mother travel to meet his father, who was deported after his birth, at the Tijuana-San Diego border, reuniting a family that has been separated for fifteen years.

With additional films by Rashad Frett (U.S. Virgin Islands), Ciarán Maginn (Ireland), and Marcus Nøhr (Denmark). 

About Jack Kendrick: Jack Kendrick is a current thesis student at TISCH New York University. A native New Yorker, Jack has worked as a director and cinematographer on various films and commercials as well as shooting content for Glamour Magazine and Vogue Spain. Jack’s own works include The ARTIST’S ASSISTANT (2014) and AMENITIES (2016) which have played at the Lone Star Film Festival and the Sarasota Film Festival respectively. He most recently won a craft award at the First Run Film Festival for his work with an ensemble cast in his film HONEY BEE (2018).

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Films & Talk: BOYS DO CRY
New shorts guest curated by Jack Kendrick
Friday, September 28, 2018 - 6:00pm
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