Open Studio for Families

Courtesy of Mare Liberum

In conjunction with Tideland Sessions and the exhibition, Radical Seafaring, a special extended Open Studio for Families will be held from 10 am-1 pm. Please see the information below for the activities at Open Studio. All ages must be accompanied by an adult.

Artist-boatbuilding collective Mare Liberum invites the public to join them for Open Studio at the Parrish where they will lead the construction of 1/10th scale models of their punt currently on display in Radical Seafaring. Through the construction of these small scale models, the public will grasp the basics of boatbuilding, reading boat plans, and assembly.

Art + Science Touch Tank Activity with Cornell Cooperative Extension's Marine Program will have a variety of marine species on hand that can be found in our local waters, including horseshoe crabs and shellfish. Participants can learn about the biology of these species and get hands on with them during this touch tank activity. Participants will also observe these species and illustrate them under the guidance of our Art + Science Program instructor to create a piece of original artwork. 

About Mare Liberum/The Free Seas:

Mare Liberum is a collective of visual artists, designers, and writers who formed around a shared engagement with New York’s waterways in 2007. As part of a mobile, interdisciplinary, and pedagogical practice, we have designed and built boats, published broadsides, essays, and books, invented water-related art and educational forums, and collaborated with diverse institutions in order to produce public talks, participatory works, and voyages as platforms to catalyze societal change. The collective is Benjamin Cohen, Dylan Gauthier, Stephan von Muehlen, Kendra Sullivan, Jean Barberis, Sunita Prasad.

About Cornell Cooperative Extension's Marine Program:

Our waters are an integral part of life for us, making Long Island a desirable place to live. Cornell Cooperative Extension's Marine Program, which was established 1985, is known and respected locally, nationally, and internationally. Our researchers and educators work to inform the public how we can each do our part to safeguard our environment. Projects have been designed to bring back our once thriving eelgrass and shellfish populations; ensure our commercial fishing industry continues to thrive while limiting by catch; provide public education about environmental consequences of storm water runoff; and introduce our young people to marine sciences and marine life on Long Island.

All ages must be accompanied by an adult. Free with Museum admission. No advance registration required.

Open Studio for Families

In conjunction with Tideland Sessions
Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
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Free with museum admission
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