Southampton Town Board Candidate Conversation

Town Board Candidates Julie Lofstad and Richard Yastrzemski

The Southampton Press will host a conversation between candidates in the special election for an open seat on the Southampton Town Board. The event, which will feature Democrat Julie Lofstad and Republican Richard Yastrzemski, will take place in the Lichtenstein Theater and is free to the public. The conversation will be hosted by Press Executive Editor Joseph P. Shaw.

While both candidates will field questions on numerous topics, including water quality and planned development districts, the format of the event will be different from past debates, and will instead feature Ms. Lofstad and Mr. Yastrzemski having a conversation on stage with Mr. Shaw.

“We wanted to try something different—to give the candidates a chance to actually talk rather than simply repeating sound bytes,” Mr. Shaw said this week. “We will keep it civil and focused on the issues. I really think that’s what people want out of the debate anyway: They want to hear the candidates speak, not just recite rehearsed material.”

The event will not have time limits or red cards, giving both candidates a chance to delve deeper into the issues. The conversation will be guided by Mr. Shaw, who will review questions submitted from various citizen groups before the event.

The audience will not be allowed to ask questions at the debate, but questions can be submitted in advance to

The special election will be held on January 26. 

Southampton Town Board Candidate Conversation 

Hosted by the Southampton Press
Saturday, January 16, 2016 - 1:00pm
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Includes Museum admission.
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