Mrs. Veronica Atkins / V. Atkins Foundation

Dorie and Kenneth Berliner / Berliner Family Charitable Fund

Century Arts Foundation

Laura and Michael Fisch

Mary and Howard S. Frank

Laura Lofaro Freeman and James L. Freeman

Milford D. and Janice B. Gerton

Agnes Gund / AG Foundation

Lannan Foundation

Chad A. Leat

Denise LeFrak / Denise LeFrak Foundation

Dorothy Lichtenstein

Inga Maren Otto

Sandy and Stephen Perlbinder

Patti and Mark Renton

Robin and Frederic Seegal

Barbara Slifka / Joseph and Sylvia Slifka Foundation, Inc.

Residents of Southampton School District

Alexandra Stanton and Sam Natapoff



Roberta M. Amon


Art Market Productions, Inc.

Bryan Baldwin and Alex Jenkins

Bobbie Braun / The Neuwirth Foundation, Inc.

Shelley and Michael Carr

Citi Private Bank

Jennifer and Sean Cohan

Joseph M. & Barbara Cohen Foundation

Penny S. and James G. Coulter

Susan and Timothy Davis

Gale and Ira Drukier

Darice and Jason Fadeyi

Regina Glocker

Sharon and Jay Goldberg

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Elizabeth and David Granville-Smith

Linda Hackett and Melinda Hackett/ CAL Foundation, Inc.

Institute of Museum & Library Services

JPMorgan Chase

Christina and Alan MacDonald

Martha B. McLanahan

Louis K. and Susan P. Meisel

Stephen Meringoff / Meringoff Family Foundation, Inc

George P. Mills

National Endowment for the Arts

Mary Kathryn and Alexander Navab


New York State Council on the Arts

Pace Gallery, New York

Michèle and Steven Pesner

Preston T. Phillips

The Riggio Foundation

Carolyn and Marc Rowan

May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.

Iris and Michael Smith

Marcia Dunn Sobel and Jonathan Sobel

Public Funding Provided by Suffolk County

Fern and Lenard Tessler

Jim and Vivian Zelter


American Portfolios Foundation, Inc.

Christopher Ballard

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Douglas Baxter and Brian Hastings

BNB Bank

Mildred C. Brinn / Tatiana Piankova Foundation

Ellen Cantrowitz

Castelli Gallery, Inc.

David Cohen

Lillian and Joel Cohen


The Corcoran Group

Beth and Lance Drucker

James Fink

Elena Ford

The Barry Friedberg and Charlotte Moss Family Foundation

Gillian Spreckels Fuller

Hamamoto Family

Mary and Gene Holtzman

Merrin Jenkins

Sharon and Peter Kossoy

Barbara and Richard Lane

Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder / The Ronald & Jo Carole Lauder Foundation

Susan Leavitt

Penny and Jay Lieberman / The Derfner Foundation

Arthur L. Loeb

Maggie Magerko

The John J. McDonnell Margaret T. O’Brien Foundation

Meryl Meltzer

The Robert and Joyce Menschel Foundation

Garrett and Mary Moran

Dara and Timothy O’Hara

Julie Ostrover

Prostate Cancer Foundation

Kristina Shea

David Shorr

Muriel F. Siebert Foundation

Carla Solomon and Antonio Magliocco

James Stanton

M K Reichert Sternlicht Foundation

Scott Arnold and Ling Sun

Barbara Toll / The Evelyn Toll Family Foundation

Jane and David Walentas

Danielle and Tom Walker

Wendy R. Weinstein and Andrew Seltzer


Robin Abendaño

Amy Cherry-Abitbol and Pierre Abitbol

The Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation, Inc.

Vivian Haime Barg and Miguel Barg

Victoria Barr


Deborah Buck

Max Burger

Kate W. Cassidy Foundation

Cary Davis and John McGinn

David Fink

Galerie Lelong & Co.

The Meg and Bennett Goodman Family Foundation

The William Talbott Hillman Foundation

Caroline Hirsch and Andrew Fox

Bruce C. Horten and Aaron Lieber

Tricia Kallett

Andrea Kerzner

Sylvia and Nelson Kier

LaGuardia Design Group

Ashley Leeds and Christopher Harland

Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc.


Laurence Milstein

Tiffany and Claus Moller

Alexandra Munroe and Robert Rosenkranz

The National Philanthropic Trust

Margo M. and James L. Nederlander

Pannonia Foundation

Rechler Equity Partners

Patricia and David Rung

Andrew Sabin Family Foundation

Marie D. Samuels

Lyndley and Samuel Schwab

Rabbi Barton and Jane Shallat

Shou Sugi Ban House

Stephanie and Alfred Shuman


Lee Skolnick / Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership

Marcia Soffer / The Fine and Greenwald Foundation

Lynn and Stephan Solomon

Peter & Susan Solomon Family Foundation

Starr Tents

Summerhill Landscapes, Inc.

Lydia and Rudy Touzet

Tuckahoe Common School District

Nora Wallace and Jack H. Nusbaum

Kathy Walsh and Gene Bernstein

Carol & Michael Weisman

Jane Wesman and Donald Savelson


Stephen Wilson

Strauss Zelnick

Virginia and Donald Zilkha

The Donald and Barbara Zucker Family Foundation


Diane L. Abbey

Sandra and Stephen Abramson

Greg and Lorena Andon

Araiys Design, LA, PC

Lowry Baldwin

Ann and Keith Barish

Agatha Barnowski

Francesca and Chris Beale

Sol and Margaret Berger Foundation

William L. Bernhard

Geoffrey N. Bradfield

Jacqueline Brody

Brown Harris Stevens

Roberto Cavalli

Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States

Rose Stewart-Dickson and Tyler Dickson

Virginia and Peter Dimsey

William C. Dowling, Jr. Foundation

Peggy and Millard Drexler Foundation

Lisa and Sandy Ehrenkranz

Anna and Jim Fantaci

Joseph S. Fichera

The Gregory and Linda Fischbach Family

Slavka Glaser

Herman Goldman Foundation

Patti Grabel and Isidore Mayrock

Kenneth Handy

Harald Grant Real Estate, Inc.

Leila Heckman and Lowell Robinson

Rolf Heitmeyer

Andrew Jacono

Ellen and Howard C. Katz

Bruce and Sarah Kayle

Daniel Klaus and Graeme Basson

Nicole and Fernand Lamesch

Bonnie Lautenberg

Long and Mattone, LLP

Pingree and Donald H. Louchheim

Nest Seekers International

Owen Brothers Landscape Development

Elizabeth and Richard Pepperman

Lisa and Richard Perry

Piazza Horticultural

Tatiana and Campion Platt

Primera Companies

Othon and Kathy Prounis

Tish Rehill

Elise Reid

Toni Ross

The Mimi Saltzman Family Foundation

Fred Schmeltzer

The Maryam and Hervey Seley Foundation

Jean and Martin Shafiroff

Jonathan Sheffer


Nina Stanton

Susan Steinhardt

Roxanne Taylor and Cristian Lopez Balboa

Keith Weiner

Jocelyn and Eric Woolworth

Nina Yankowitz and Barry Holden

Janet Yaseen Foundation


Emilyann and David Abraham

Shazma and Aly Alibhai

Renate Aller

Peggy Amster

Suzanne Anker


The Dorothy Babcock Family Charitable Foundation

Deborah Bancroft

Randy Barker

William Kirkland Basnight / Red Bar Brasserie

Jeremy Batoff

Andrea Baum

Donald Beane

Patricia Birch Becker

Madeleine Bennett

Barbara Bernstein

Christine Berry

Bessemer Trust

Murat Beyazit

Joanne Blessinger

David C. Bohnett

Jane and Richard Brickell

Alison Bruhn

Lynn Buoniconti

Amanda and Victor Cain

Ann and Donald G. Calder

Maureen and James Callanan

Susan and Alvin Chereskin

Thomas K. Chu and Adam Lewis

Michele and Marty Cohen

Emy Cohenca

Geoff and Ann Coley

Andrea Cote

Dana Cranmer

Mimi Crawford

Oxana and Zachary Crawford

Peter Croncota

Christine Curiale-Steinmuller and Shawn Steinmuller

David and Ide Dangoor

Ana R. Daniel

Judy and Aaron Daniels

Thomas Davis

Anne Dayton

Susan and Francois de Menil

Craig Dean

Raymond Dowd

Allison Dubin

Susan Dubner

Kristen Duca

Arthur Dunnam

Laurie Durning

Elliot R. Epstein and Richard Mortimer

Wendy and Michael Esposito

Marie and John Evans

Somers and Jonathan Farkas

Helene and Ziel Feldman

Janet Fernandez and Vinny DiCalogero

Fiduciary Trust Company International

Peter Frank

Judith and Herbert Freedman

Teri Friedman and Bo Yaghmaie

Elizabeth Fuller

Judith Garson and Steven Rappaport

Svetlana Gofman

Simel Gokkaya

Edward and Marjorie Goldberger Foundation

Dorian Goldman and Marvin Israelow

Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt

Adrienne Goldthorpe

Notoya Green and Fred Mwangaguhunga

Mindy Greenwald

John L. Griffin

Yusimi Gurrera

Beth and Adam Halsey

Philip C. Halsey

Alexander Hankin

Ruth Ann Harnisch

Briana Hart

Emerson W. Head

Kim Heirston and Richard Evans

Anita Hersh

Henry Heuser, Jr.

Jennifer Higgins

Barbara Hoffman

Caroline Hoffman

Maryanne Horwath and Michael Shaheen

Al and Denise Hurley Family Foundation

The JCT Foundation

Mary Margaret Jones

Ron Kaplan

Hans Kertess

Jennifer and Rob Kinderman

Kathleen King

Nicole Klagsbrun

Leni Klaimitz and Mitch Berg

Kleinow Family Foundation

Armand LaBelle and Janeth Francisco Coelho

Linda and Benjamin Lambert

Alicia Larson

Danielle Lauder

Abby Clough Lawless

Fabienne Lecole

Stephanie Brody Lederman

Robin and Jerry Lefcourt

Helaine and Sidney Lerner

Barbara Luca

Lisa and Mike Maffia

Edward Mafoud

Donald Mahoney / Mahoney Associates, Inc.

Masterpiece International, LTD

Sterling McDavid

The McLean Family Foundation

Jennifer McSweeney

Galia Meiri-Stawski and Axel Stawski

Russell and Daniele Menache

John and Adriana Merida

Bill Miller & Associates, Inc.

Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale

Claire Montgomery and James MacGregor

Allison Morrow

Elias and Cristina Vere Nicoll

North Star Developments, LLC

Katia and Christian Oberbeck

Stacy and Jonathan Paetzel

Antonia Paterno-Castello

Nat and Roz Perlmutter

Holly Phillips and Jose Tavarez

David Powers

Peggy and Peter Pressman

The Malcolm and Catherine Price Charitable Fund

Jennifer Puritz

Soledad A. Race

Laurice El Badry Rahme, LTD

Barbara A. Reuter and William J. Williams, Jr.

Lucy Ricciardi

Irene Ritter Foundation

Dayton Ritz & Osborne

Carole Rosenberg

Sunny & Abe Rosenberg Foundation, Inc.

Jessica Rouse

Tom Roush

Sana Sabbagh

Steven Sachs

Jane Sadaka

Mona and Paul Salib

Aisha and Paul Salmon

Sheri Sandler

Judith Saner

Arun Sarin

Linda Schaps

Charlotte Schoenfeld

Dennis Schrader and Bill Smith

Drew and Lindsay Schulte

Joyce G. Segal

Mara Seibert

Tony Shafrazi

Kelly Silvera

Anne Silverstein

Mary E. Snow

Sonnier & Castle

Annaliese Soros

Town of Southampton

Carol Chase Spera

Domna Stanton

Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Maren and Joachim Struengmann

Susan Sullivan

Terrie Sultan and Christopher French

Stuart Sundlun

Graves and Colleen Tompkins

Lori Tutt

Abigail Vogel

Susan Wagner

The Walji Family

Cathy and James Wallick

Harriet and Ronald Weintraub

Alison and Donald Weiss

Ellen and Maribeth Welsh

Nina and Gary Wexler

Sheila Wolfe

Marie and Kenneth Wong

Megan and Kenneth Wright

Sally and Edward Yedid

Jayne Young

Geraldine and Fernando Zaccour

Michelle Zilles and Michael Kleinsteuber


Kristen Abboud

Sonali Agarwal Garg

Jon Ambrose and James Brasher

Tracy and Albert Antonino

Yan Assoun

Helen and Harris Barer

Carol Becker

John and JoAnn Bennett

Christine Ritenis and Richard Bernstein

Lukie Bernstein

David and Debbie Besser

Bojorques Wood Flooring, Corp.

Lance Brown

Enrico Bruni

Mimi Bussan and Fred Schneider

Julia Cahill

Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP

Campoverde Carpentry, Corp.

Kevin Catanzaro

Andrew Catapano

Carol and James Cavaluzzi

Thomas Chu and Adam Lewis

Roy Cohen

Debbie and Steven Cohen

Kyong and Brad Coleman

Shanon Cook and Daniel Sieberg

Dayna Corlito

Robert T. Cornell

County Energy Controls

The Cultivist

Aaron Curti

Virginia and Edward Daisey

John Danzer

Meegan Darby

Judith Darr

Vickram David

Suzanne Dawson

Melissa Dedovich and Samuel Coleman

Matthew and Eileen DeMicco

Peter DeWitt

Kristen and Robert Dietz

Rosemarie and John Dios

Audrey DiSpigna

Denise D’Italia

Lauren D’Italia

Kelcey Edwards

Nordia and Will Edwards

Rainey D. Erwin

Antonio Estadella

The Fanwood Foundation

Anita Farrington

Sophie and Andrew Ferrer

Lisa Fields

Delia Folk

Frank Folz

Mary Jo Fox

Elena Frampton

Anne French

Elyssa Friedland

Claudette Gabriel and Peter Trapp

Lisa and Dan Gardner

Nancy Gendimenico and Peter Conrad

James Gertler

Eleni and Randall Gianopulos

Richard Gilbert

Alexander Giocondi

The Golden Pear Café

Katherine and James Goodman

Barbara and Henry Gooss

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Christopher Growney

Susan Gullia

Joann Hackett

Louise Collins and Harry Hackett, III

Lynn and Mary Halbfinger

Melanie Hamilton

Hamptons Employment Agency

Douglas Hand

Amy Hanlon

George W. Harris Foundation

Kelly Harris

Kimberly Hastie

Emerson Head

Khristin Heaney

Cornelia and Ralph Heins

Herrick Hardware, Inc.

Brette and Gordon Holmes

Samantha Honig

Howard Horowitz

Larry Horton / Realty Advisors

Claudia and John Hunt

Josephine Graf Foundation

Barbara Julius

Frances R. Katz

Ronald Kaye

Amie Kennedy

Serena Kerrigan

Wendy Keys

Belinda Kielland

Sharon Rose Yospe and Joel Koblentz

Andrea Krantz

Lily Lam and William Treen

Kristi Larson


Afschineh Latifi

Kathy and Michael Lavyne

Julia Lesh

Rocco and Colette Lettieri

Elliot Levenglick

Kristina and Bruce Lewin

Jennifer Liang

Mari Beth Lodes

Carol Loewenson and Andrew Levander

Robin L. Long, Esq.

Michael Lorber

Kristine and Robert Lupi

Susan Macgregor-Scott

Jennifer M. Maloney, Esq., PC

Marshall Fine Arts, LTD

Patricia Maurides and Chris Siefert

Carolyn McCall

Shelley and Brian McCarthy

Kathrine McCoy

Susan Mead

Andrew Meaney / Meaney & Meaney, PC

Melissa and Cedric Meeschaert

Samantha and Matt Mollett

Amanda and Ron Mongelluzzo

Bridget Moore

Alexis Moses

Olivia Motch and Tsewang Motch

James Murphy

Linda Muse

The Nagle Family Foundation

Edward T. Nahem

Robert Nathan

Lieba Nesis

Yvetta Newman

NH Design Studios, Inc.

Nicole Adams STUDIO

Patricia and Michael Oakley, M.D.

Traslin Soo Kim Ong

Seifali Patel and Neil Shah

Salvatore Piazzolla and Grant Wilfley

Pocket Frenz

Nancy and Daniel Pollera

Joshua Pulman

Amanda Race

Anne and John Rachel

Kathy Reilly

Carolyn M. Risoli

Susan Robbins and Jonathan Koslow

Ilan Rosenthal

Maureen Rosko

Noreen Donovan Roth

Kathy K. Ruland

Debra A. Sabato and Melvin Miller

Neil Sadick

Sydney Sadick

Mary Salter and Mel Kendrick

Catherine and David Schieldrop

Rosanna Scotto and Louis Ruggiero

Diane Shapiro

Mariam Shojai

Shore Line Insurance Agency

Adrianne and William Silver

Beryl Silver

Mary K. Slattery

Eunyoung Song and Mark Seidenfeld

Linda J. Sosnowitz

The Southampton Association

Southampton Inn

Sofia and Robert Spiess

Sheri Spitzer and James Spitzer

Diana Pepi Stott and Richard F. Stott

Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas

Suffolk Laundry

Suffolk Federal Credit Union

Lara Theriault

Merritt Thomas

Sara Tompkins

Phyllis Toohey

Robert Uher

Nadia and Raj Vazirani

Susan Vecsey

Edwina von Gal

Jeanette Sarkisian Wagner

Nancy M. Walker

Sandra Walsham and John Graham

Ilana and Michael Wiles

Debra and Christopher Williams

Kara Winters

Linda Xue

Clelia and Thomas Zacharias

Christine and Stefan Zellmer

Victoria Zoellner


The 1770 House Restaurant and Inn

Anthony Addison

Richard I. Adrian

Agawam Town and Village Realty

Sarah Alford

Michelle and Laurence Allen

Nancy Allerston and Erich Winkler

Diana and John Alschuler

Eric Altmann

American Institute of Architects – Peconic Chapter

Paula Angelone

Raphael Avigdor

Karen and Andrew Azoulay

Karine Bakhoum

Sarah Bareau

Frances and Edward Barlow

Mary J. Bartos

Ruth and Theodore Baum

Patricia Becker

Margie Becker-Lewin and John Lewin

Tracey and Bruce Berkowitz

Therese D. Bernbach

Willa Bernstein

Bernstein Design Associates

Patty and Eugene T. Bigelow

Terry and Teddy Billihoutis

Barbara Bismuth

Raina Blain

Brian Bohan

Elizabeth Bowden

George Boziwick

Marcy Braun

Paula Braunstein

Eric Bravermen

Marisa Brazzo

Arlene Brenner

Claire Brenner

Carroll and William Brett

Sandra Busch

Amy Butte

Alison Cady

June and Robert Cantwell, Jr.

Cantwell Landscape & Design

Alex Carr

Kurt Carstensen

Kari Catalano

Jeffrey Carter and Tim O’Connor

Channing Daughters Winery

Helen Charash

Gerardo Cespedes

Chiffert Architectural Engineering, PC

Judyann and Roger Chin

Christopher Jeffrey Architects, PLLC

Eileen Lieberman-Cicione and Frank Cicione

Mary Cirillo-Goldberg

Richard and Emma Clurman

Dale Cohen

Melissa Cohn

Ben Colice

Elizabeth Corwin

Joseph Cosgrove

Matilde Costales

Evan Couri

Pierce White and John Cucci

Randall Culpepper

Anne Curtin

Thomas DeMayo, Esq.

Adrian Devenyi

Eric Dever

Ashley Wilson Douglas

Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Katie Dove

Clementine Drackett and Hunter Philbrick

Jack Drescher and Nishan Kazazian

Francesca Dricot

Elissa and Daniel Dubin

Catherine and Alan Harper

Kimberly Eads

Brandon Elias

Enstine Family Foundation, Inc

Emil K. Everett

Eva Faye and Abby Terkuhle

Dr. Allen Fein

Bambi and Roger Felberbaum

Karen Flatow

Susan and Wilford Forbush

Fowler’s Garden Center, Inc.

Laser Fox

Stephanie and Josh Franklin

Sara and Erik Fredrickson

Ahron L. Friedberg

Susan and Frederick Friedman

Ann Gage-Nardoza and Edward Nardoza

Barbara and Richard Gale

Nitin Gambhir

Sayuri Ganepola and Jeffrey Kaczynski

Kim Garcia

Blair Gazza

Heather Gerson

Susan Gilmer

Joan and Frank Ginsberg

Sarah Gleit and James Wiener

Barbara and Terry Golash

Suzanne and John Golden

Yelena Goncharov

Christine J. Gray

Flora Greenberg

Karyn Greenwald

Ellen Albert and David Grigg

Jamie Grimstad

Lucy Guffey

Nicole Guillo

Elaine Gulati

Susan and Larry Haag

Brooke and Ken Halsband

Amy Halsey

Elizabeth Hamersley

Hampton Dental Group, PC

Gillian Harding

Judy S. Harris

Mary Heilmann

Kathryn and Ken Henderson

Michael Heningburg

Paul Henneforth

Hildreth’s Home Goods

Maryann and Daily Hill

Zoe Hoare and Chris Mead

Terri and Steve Hoffman

Phyllis Hollis

Joanne and Alan Houghton

Susan Hovdesven

Charles T. Howard

Erica-Lynn Huberty

Patricia and Beau Hulse

Carol and John Hunt

Nikolas Huth

Interiors OTH, Inc.

Interpublic Group

John Jacobs

Barbara Jakobson

James Darby Masonry

Jason Thomas Design, Inc.

Gabrielle Jaworskyj

Anna Johnston

Lance Joseph

Victoria Kahn and Marc Chiffert

Claire Kapstein

Fletcher Kasell

Kristin M. Kast

Kelly and Brian Kelly

Sharon Kerr

Leslie Mazza and Robert Kheel

Rebecca Khutoryansky

Elena and Tory Kiam

John Kiely

Judy J. Kim

Tina Kim

Bethanne Kinsella-Cople

Lisa Ann and Charles Kleinow

Teddy Kolva

Spencer Koral

Deirdre Koribanick

Anita Kornbluth

Sandra Kostel

Andrea Krantz and Harvey Sawikin

Howard Kronenberg

Christine Kruchen

Mrinalini Kumari

Joanne Kuperberg

Sean and Sarah Lambert

Landcraft Environments, LTD

Justin Landis

Harlin Lawal

Penelope Lawson

Elizabeth Lear

Della and John Leathers

Carol Lederman

Heidi Lee-Komaromi

Carol Leibenson

Joseph Lesko

Kendra and Charles Lesta

Judith G. Levitan

Helen and Michael Levy

Jerome Lewine

Jonathan Lewinsohn

Natalie Lewis

Richard Lewis

Ira Lieberman

Jeanne Linnes

Loan Depot

Maria-Luisa and Larry M. Loeb

NancyJane and Jeffrey Loewy

Shari and David Lombardi

Michael Lomont

Geoffrey Lynch

Elizabeth Lynn

Raquelle Lynn

Carol Mandel and Vincent Covello

Kevin Maple

Laurie Margolin

Donna Margolis

Eric Margules

Mark Humphrey Gallery

Cara Martin-Rulli

Dudley Mason

Felicity Mason

Alexis Mayer

Anthony Coron and Jonathan McCann

John and Tracey McCarthy

Maria McDaniel

Alice McGrath

Cathleen McGuigan

Karen Mehiel

Jeffrey Mehl

Merrill Lynch – The Hackett Group

Louise Merriman and Edward David

Regina Miano

Michael Davis Construction, Inc.

Michael Tuths, Inc.

Joshua Milstein

Nicholas Mishaan

Modern Green Home

Philip Moloney and Robert Taft

James Moore

Beth McNeill Muhs and Jeff Muhs

Jane and Robert Nagle

Paige and Arthur Nagle

Deborah Nevins

Shimon Okshteyn

Djida Oppenheim and Richard Alder

Joanne Pateman

Jane Pearce

Christine Peck

Liliane A. Peck

Lisa and Anthony Pedatella

Maira Pessano

Tracy Peterson

Rosemarie and Richard Petrocelli

Tracy M. Pfeifer, M.D.

Paul Philbrick

Barbara and Warren Phillips

Therese Piamenta

Allen and Ellen Pikitch

Julie Pinkosh

Brian Pinnola

Brinlea and Brian Pitz

Anne Pollack

Ginny and Richard Poveromo

Elaine Prager

Lucille Presner

Anne and John Pyne

Shirley Ramos and Jeffrey Roseman

Liron Razak

Jeanne Yoa-Reese and David Reese

Kristine Reynal

Rishi and Marisa Ricciardi

Patrick and Christopher Ritchey


Judi Roaman

Guy and Ann Roberts

Mihaela Roberts

Holly Robinson

Maria Rom-Schmidt and Kenneth Schmidt

Leslie Rosenzweig

Anne Rossi

Sabel & Oplinger, CPA, PC

Linda and Andrew Safran

Sophie Saguil

Ruth Schekter and Bill Zirinsky

Jill C. Scheuer

Tanya Rulon-Miller and Steve Schlemmer

Schlichting Interiors

Dafna and Michael Schmerin

Jane Schwartz

Janet Schwitter

Melissa Sclafani

Erin and Christopher Scott

Seifert & Associates Eyecare

Michelle Shammas

Elizabeth Shane and Louis Pizzarello

Shine Design + Distribution

Hilary and Zion Shohet

Stefanie L. Shunk

Edward Siegel and Tetsu Kawakami

Fiona Simmonds

Mary Singh

The Sire Foundation

Lorie Slutsky

Elizabeth Robertson Smith

Roberta and Jeffrey Sommers

Elsa Soyars

Marie and Thomas Stacy

Brenda C. Steward

Barbara Stoller

Raquel Styler

Steven Swarzman

Robin Swid

Taxhampton, Inc.

Jennifer and Heath Terry

Irka Tkaczuk and Alan Golub

Roric Tobin and Justin Concannon

Tulla Booth Gallery

Carrie Turner

Diane and Mark Underberg

Unlimited Earth Care, Inc.

Raj and Nadia Vazirani

Wainscott Village Associates

Immeke Schmidt and Stephen Wald

Francine Walker

Mariana Wall

Sedgwick Ward

Marcy and Michael Warren

Margaret and Drew Watson

Jordan Philip Weinstein

White Fences Inn

Kevin Whitman

Amy Wickersham

Ivy Winick

Mia Wisnoski

Jody Wolfe

Laurie and David Wolfert

Drs. Abby and Michael Wolk

Austin Wright

Kristen Yaccarino

Saloumeh Yedid

Jodi Yegelwel-Senese and Anthony Senese

Sheila Zaslower

Jane Zimmy

Mark and Shannon Zucchero

Elizabeth R. Zust

Lion Zust


Art Media Holdings

William W. Bancroft


Hampton Classic Horse Show

Hampton Hills Golf and Country Club

Hamptons Cottages & Gardens

Louis K. and Susan P. Meisel

Modern Luxury Media

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, LTD

Press News Group


Southampton Social Club

Sofia and Robert Spiess

Susan and Timothy G. Davis

Twomey, Latham, Shea, Kelley, Dubin, & Quartararo, LLP

Wölffer Estate Vineyard