Docent Program

Parrish Art Museum Docents
Docent Program

Parrish Docents guide visitors toward a personal connection with works of art by creating an inviting and interactive environment that fosters deeper appreciation and understanding. Docents are volunteer educators and Parrish Art Museum ambassadors, serving the Museum and its community by bringing art to life for hundreds of visitors each  year. After several months of training, Docents lead public and group tours for adults, give family tours, work with school children, make presentations in the community, and participate in continuing learning experiences.

Docent Handbook

You'll find detailed information about the volunteer Docent program at the Parrish in the Docent Handbook, which you can download through the link at the end of this page. 

Docent Applications

New Docents-in-training are accepted every other year. The program requires a three-year commitment, beginning with a six-month period of training, which occurs from mid-December through June. The training period is followed by two years as an active Docent. The application window for the 2017 Docent Class has closed.  Applications for the next training cycle will be available in Fall 2019.  

Docent Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is a group of experienced Docents who work with Parrish staff to plan supplemental training experiences and resources. 

2016-2017 Parrish Docent
Advisory Committee

James Bauer (Co-Chair), Susan Dubner, Blossom Gluck (Co-Chair), Mary Lou Cohalan, Sheila McLean, Joanne Pateman, Tom Randall, Irene Tully

Online Docent Tour Log Form: Click Here