Salon Series

Sayeon Lee performing at the Parrish, October 2015
Salon Series

The Parrish Art Museum presents Salon Series – intimate concerts with a new generation of classical musicians. Friday evening concerts designed to excite and introduce Classical repertoire, have been co-programmed with Concert Artists Guild and Pro Musicis, two organizations that nurture and promote the world's finest concert musicians. Each performance runs approximately 75 to 90 minutes. 

Upcoming Performances:

Spring 2019 : Yi- Nuo Wang, New World Symphony Ensemble, Brandon Ridenour and Jeremy Jordan, Boyd Meets Girl

Past Performances:

Fall 2018: Francisco Fullana, David Fung, Niccolò Ronchi, Esther Abrami, Nadejda Vlaeva, Dominic Cheli

Spring 2018: Dorian Wind Quintet, Drew Petersen, Inna Faliks, New Docta

Fall 2017: Fei-Fei Dong, Arianna Körting and Robin Giesbrecht, Gloriosa Piano Trio, Niccolò Ronchi

Spring 2017: Yoonah Kim, The Israeli Chamber Project, Tanya Bannister, Nicholas King

Fall 2016: William McNally, Alexandria Le,  Sybarite5, Nadejda Vlaeva 

Spring 2016: Fourtissimo, Solomon Eichner with Tanya Gabrielian, Carol Wincenc, Yoonie Han

Fall 2015: Katie Mahan, Soyeon Kate Lee, Karén Hakobyan, Inna Faliks

Spring 2015: Tim Fain, Kimball Gallagher, Daria Rabotkina and the Verona Quartet, Yoonie Han

Fall 2014: Lysander Trio, William Hobbs, Andrew Staupe, Sandro Russo 

Spring 2014: Assaff Weissman, Daria Rabotkina, Tanya Gabrielian, Ching-Yun Hu

Fall 2013: Michael Brown, Steven Lin, Irina Muresanu, Liza Stepanova, Inna Faliks, Nadejda Vlaeva

Support Salon Series

Salon Series is generously supported by Susan and Louis K. Meisel, Sandy and Stephen Perlbinder, Concert Artists Guild, and Pro Musicis, and sponsored by Yamaha Artist Services, Inc.
Friday Nights are made possible, in part, by the generous support of The Corcoran Group, BNB Bank, and Sandy and Stephen Perlbinder.