Eastern Field Work: Thomas Joshua Cooper and the East End

Thomas Joshua Cooper: Kangertittivaq/Scoresbysund, The Denmark Strait. Kangikajik/Kap Brewster, 6 p.m. same day, Liverpool Land, Tunu/Ost/East Greenland, Denmark, 2007-2008
Eastern Field Work
Thomas Joshua Cooper and the East End
May 5, 2019 to July 28, 2019

Throughout his career the photographer Thomas Joshua Cooper has been preoccupied with water as a focal point for his abiding fascination with the landscape, historical and cultural geography, cartography and the problems of picture-making. Working exclusively outdoors with an 1898 AGFA field camera, Cooper has established a singular aesthetic and philosophical point of view. For Eastern Field Work, Cooper will explore and photograph the perimeter of the North and South Forks of the East End of Long Island, an area imbued with more than a century-long history of agriculture and artistic foment. The resulting exhibition will feature 40 images, accompanied by a fully illustrated publication featuring an interview between the artist and Parrish Director Terrie Sultan and additional interpretive essays and literary contributions by a select team of renowned writers and scholars.